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Welcome to the home page of Vashty Wilson, author of Blossom Bunny's Secret, and advocate for children's safety and protection.

Help Children learn to identify some body clues they might get when feeling unsafe.
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Watch the Book Trailer for Blossom Bunny! 

New Release

We are excited to announce the release of Blossom Bunny's Secret

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Buy yourself a copy today to help your children learn about the importance of safety, and telling an adult if things make them feel uncomfortable! 

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The Duchess of York Reads Blossom Bunny's Secret

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Meet Blossom Bunny at an Author Visit.

 For all enquiries about having Blossom Bunny visit your school or childcare centre. Contact Vashty Wilson. 

See how a visit from Blossom Bunny aligns with the Australian curriculum 

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