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Book Bio: Blossom Bunny's Secret

Through a cute and engaging story about Blossom Bunny, this picture book teaches children to protect their bodies from inappropriate touching and to ask for help when they’re feeling worried or unsafe.

When another bunny touches Blossom’s tail at school, Blossom feels unsafe and worried. Blossom keeps it a secret because she doesn’t know what to do, but it makes Blossom feel upset, confused, and unsafe. So, when the bunny touches Blossom’s tail a second time, Blossom realises that she needs to tell a grown-up rabbit and ask for help. She learns that it’s important to go for help when she’s feeling unsafe and worried and that some secrets should not be kept when it comes to safety.

Through this lovely book, children will get advice surrounding personal safety alongside Blossom Bunny. They will get help to identify unsafe feelings and secrets and see the warning signs of inappropriate touching. Blossom Bunny helps children to stay safe and feel empowered to protect their bodies.

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