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Reviews & Testimonials

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Engaging and educational! Vashty has approached the topics of personal space, safety, and self-advocacy in a child-friendly and thought- provoking manner. Children can easily relate to the characters and emotive language weaved through the storyline. The added resource of conversational starters, accompanying the book, is a true asset to guide communication. This picture book is a much-needed tool for educators and parents!

—Kathy-Lee Bamford

(Director of Learning Enrichment)


Blossom Bunny’s Secret is a beautiful resource gently addressing a tricky subject in a non-intimidating way for children. It’s appropriate for introducing young children to the idea of personal safety, and emphasises the need for communicating worries to safe, trusted adults, a lesson that is of the highest importance. Not only does this book resonate with those of us working in education but this will be a fantastic book for parents to read with their children to delicately open up conversations to keep their kids safe. Vashty brings her knowledge of teaching protective behaviours to create this fun and positive discussion-starting book that will be a must for those who spend time with children!

—Kristy Spencer
(Educational and Developmental Psychologist)


Blossom Bunny’s Secret is a meaningful story with a delicate subject.  Vashty’s compassionate nature and experience in teaching child protective behaviours help this book break through barriers that are often put up by children who are faced with such adversity. Bringing loveable characters to life allows the child to relate to the situation and learn how to protect themselves.
Teachers and parents alike will appreciate this beautifully presented, comprehensibly written book to help our most vulnerable.

—Kim Tomassen



Blossom Bunny’s Secret, what a brilliant children's book, that delivers such an important message to our children. Far too many children have not been taught what to do in situations where they feel distressed or uncomfortable, such as when others inappropriately touch them. However,  through Blossom Bunny’s Secret children are taught how to be direct in protecting their personal space, as well as how to get help in scary or confusing situations. Thanks for making it easier to teach children about such a delicate, sensitive topic.

—Andrea Mills

(Social Worker)


Blossom Bunny's Secret is a must-read in every Early Years Classroom. This story addresses the sensitive issues around personal space and contains an important message about personal safety for all children. Blossom Bunny's Secret encourages children to find their voice and take control of their personal safety.  The story teaches young children how to recognise uncomfortable feelings and body clues, what to do when they are faced with uncomfortable situations, and when they should speak to a trusted adult.

—Zoe Parry

(Assistant Principal - Early Years)


As a teacher and a new mum, I can confidently say that this book offers a wonderful, age-appropriate approach to teaching our children about protective behaviours and personal safety. It's perfectly tailored for beginning to teach our little ones about consent, all while, still providing a lovely, engaging storyline. Thank you Vashty and Blossom Bunny for making this teaching and learning journey, such a positive one. 

—Chloe Edgar

(Educational Leader - Discovery Tree ELC)

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