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Author Bio: Vashty Wilson

Vashty Wilson is a wife, mother and now author of her debut children’s book: Blossom Bunny’s Secret. For the first eighteen years of Vashty’s life, she grew up in a small country town and from a young age, she had an avid obsession with books. As a child she arranged her teddy bears in a classroom format, reading to and delivering lessons to the stuffed toys. It was clear to her that she was destined to read to and educate children. 


She went on to extend her teaching capabilities into adulthood. Living on the Gold Coast, she began working in childcare centres and then branched into schools and child safety organisations. Her credentials increased too. Having now achieved a Bachelor of Human Services, majoring in child and family studies, she started working for Life Education Queensland. Remember loveable Healthy Harold? Facilitating a protective behaviours programme at Act for Kids, she begun to realise that the market needed an accessible means to teaching children personal safety. This, along with her passionate nature, formed the catalyst to Blossom Bunny’s Secret. 


She adored teaching children personal safety and this book truly encapsulates those emotions. Blossom came to life, during the Covid break, and has been a force of Vashty’s creation ever since. The bunny was a no brainer. Being her daughters favourite animal and childhood teddy, Blossom’s identity was originally sketched, and the ideas flowed to form the book we now see today.


Vashty’s ultimate goal would be for all children in Australia to gain access to her book so that they may be educated and empowered in regard to their personal safety. 

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