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Meet Blossom Bunny at an Author Visit.

All inquiries welcome to have Blossom Bunny and Vashty Wilson visit your school or childcare centre to talk about personal safety! 
Vashty has a Bachelors Degree in Human Services, a Certificate III in Children's Services, and a Valid Blue Card.

Thanks for getting in touch!

Author Visit Testimonials.

Blossom Bunny is a beautiful, gentle character who finds herself in an uncomfortable situation. 'Blossom Bunny's Secret' is a book that helps children to identify feelings in everyday activities and distinguish between safe and unsafe situations. Vashty and her adorable assistant, 'Blossom Bunny', captivated our young students as they learned about the meaning of personal safety. This beautifully illustrated story was engaging and used age-appropriate language, which helped to empower our young audience with the tools they need to keep them safe. We highly recommend a visit from Vashty and Blossom Bunny to your early years educational setting. 

-- L. Brittain and T. Pledge
Prep Classroom Teacher

Vashty was naturally friendly and engaging with the children. She allowed the children to feel involved with Blossom and she helped the children grasp the points of the story in a fun and interesting way.

-- Tammie-Lee

Vashty was warm and engaging in the way that she helped the children to understand a delicate but important topic. Through her relatable character, Blossom, and her age-appropriate language, Vashty involved the children in the story in a fun and interactive way, that allowed her message to be understood.

-- Kristin Mustac
Prep Classroom Teacher

Blossom Bunny's Secret is a story which encourages children to differentiate between secrets that are fun and okay to keep and those that are not. It assists them to understand and recognise feelings that are uncomfortable and that their body tells them when this is the case. It supports the lessons of early years Personal Health and Safety in a clear, friendly, and accessible way and empowers them to know what to do, what to say and who they can go to if they are ever feeling uneasy or uncomfortable about their personal safety. 

-- Meliah, Kate and Kristin

Year 1 fell in love with Blossom Bunny and her friends! Blossom was a gentle, friendly, and relatable character for our students and a wonderful way to lead our teaching into personal safety and children's development. Vashty was a welcoming, happy and engaging presenter with excellent management skills. She is a fabulous educator that shares a very important message for our children. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to other schools, and warmly welcome her back each year for an author's visit. Thank you Vashty and Blossom! 

-- M King
Grade One Teacher

Dear Vashty and Blossom Bunny,
We loved your visit to our year one classrooms!!
The session was very informative and fun! 
We are still practising, 'Stop it' and 'I don't like it' in a grumpy forceful voice. 
We loved the colouring-in at the end and our beautiful stickers.
God bless you both!

-- Suzanne
Year One Teacher

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