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Creating a book for children on Personal safety

Playing my part in Child Protection

30 per 1,000 Australian children received child protection services in 2018-19

(Source: Australian institute of Health and welfare)

With statistics as alarming as this, continuing my passion for helping children learn about personal safety was a no brainer. I did, however, want to put my own stamp on child safety and leave a legacy. I was thinking, I need to create something that I would be proud of, and something that could help educate as many children as possible.

One sleepless night, the notion of writing a children’s book was born. I have seen first-hand the power books can have in helping children learn about personal safety. I have read some fantastic books to children in this area, but I really wanted to create something a little different. I often had teachers and educators say to me that they would not feel comfortable reading certain protective behaviours books themselves. Some books overwhelmed them or used language that the children might laugh at and be distracted by. With this information in mind, I set to work to create a beautiful book that would not only captivate but educate young children about personal safety. I wanted my book to be non-confrontational but deliver those important messages. Anyone should be able to pick my book up and feel comfortable reading it.

I have encapsulated five protective behaviour areas into my book:

  1. feelings

  2. keeping secrets

  3. inappropriate touch

  4. body clues and signs

  5. getting help from a trusted adult

(I will discuss these areas more in-depth on my next blog, so stay tuned).

I decided on my storyline and characters. A bunny named Blossom was to be the main character. You may be wondering why a Bunny? This was also a no brainer for me. My inspiration came from my daughter’s love of rabbits. From a baby of six weeks old, she was given a toy bunny and it has remained with her to this day, my daughter is now 17. Everyone loves Bunnies, right?

Creating a book for children on Personal safety
Left image is my daughter. Right image is me as a child. Bunnies everywhere!

My daughter’s toy bunny is named Stinky Bunny. Hmm, not quite the name that I envisaged for the main character. I went with Blossom instead.

Blossom Bunny’s Secret is the name of my debut book.

I have written my book so it can be read and scaffolded upon to suit the reader’s discretion. Read it as is or, delve a little deeper if your comfort zone allows it. The underlying personal safety messages remain either way.

My vision is to make Blossom bunny into a series of books. This first book will pave the way for this. I aim to get my book into as many homes, schools and educational settings as possible. I intend on doing free author visits to schools and childcare centres. So please feel free to spread the word. We really need to come up with a follower name! Get your thinking caps on. I would love your input on that one. Please send them to me.

I really am passionate about child safety and genuinely want to help make a difference. The statistics are sad to read and knowing that my book can educate young children on personal safety is so gratifying.

Thanks to all of my readers and followers for believing in me.



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